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Voice in the Wilderness Organization has a number of projects. Your financial donation to these causes is very much needed and appreciated as we hope to bring value to the lives of those who seem to have been abandoned by the society due to events that they didn’t have control over.

Lutala International Academy

With the newly opened Lutala International Academy, VWO is offering a level of education to children of the Fizi territory in the DRC that is otherwise unavailable. The school is anticipated to educate and empower many Congolese children - both boys and girls. Our first school year we plan to enroll 630 students ranging from 1st grade to 8th grade levels. The founders of VWO believe that it is through education that our young people will have the tools they need to fight poverty, corruption and injustices and help create a vibrant and developed community.

Maize Farming
VWO has invested in maize farming projects – we have more than two acres of rented land that is very fertile in the village of Sebele in the territory of Fizi, DRC. We are going to farm strictly maize so that it can help us feed our students and also help fund some other school programs such as making sure that the computer center remains active with electricity and internet connections. 

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