Voice in the Wilderness Organization has several programs
  • The Refugee Employment Services this program focuses on helping new arriving and those refugees who have lived in the U.S. for less than 5 years find permanent employment. Voice in the Wilderness Organization partners with a number of employers who seek to provide good and safe working environments for refugees.

  • The Refugee Social Servicethis program connects refugees with a variety of social services to help refugees meet their basic needs and integrate into the community. These services includes and not limited to affordable and adequate Housing, & Transportation. We help our client with house searching for we know how hard it can be to find adequate and affordable housing especially for large families.

  •  Adult educationthis program was created to meet growing needs for refugee orientations to daily living issues and English language proficiency. Currently, Voice in the Wilderness Org, is providing ESL classes couple days a week to Congolese refugees. Our program help teach our participants how to drive once they have acquired their driving permit.This program is led by our wonderful volunteers.

  • Parenting Support Program this program partner with other local related programs to provide workshops and case management services to increase parental involvement in their children’s lives. Teaches refugees how to survive a parenting life by understanding and following the United States laws and regulations. This program also encourages families to become more involved in their children education.

  • Youth Services Program this program partners with local educational institutions such as, high schools, colleges and universities to meet the academics, leadership, community integration and social/emotional needs of our youths. Mentoring our young people to become the best they can be and to follow their God given potentials. During summer time we take our youths to summer activities such as summer camps and other historical sites.

  • Legal and Immigration Programs t his program helps our people with applying for their Permanent Residency Card, also known as “Green Cards” and help them prepare for their citizenship test as they get ready to apply for their citizenships status. We also help connect our people to local immigration agencies when they need legal advices depending on their residency status here in the U.S.