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About Us

Voice in the Wilderness Organization (VWO) was created in 2012, by Kiloloma Machulengo Kisongo (Kilo), a Congolese refugee who came to Minneapolis, Minnesota, after spending 6 years in a refugee camp in Tanzania as a result of war in his home country. After many years of volunteering and working with agencies such as Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS), Catholic Charities, and many other community based organizations, Kilo,  felt the need to start an organization that would provide culturally competent services to Congolese refugees and others in Minnesota.


We are a non-profit community based organization based in Minnesota that provides settlement and integration services to Congolese refugees to help facilitate and enhance the quality of life of Congolese by providing the essential basic human services and achieve stability and move toward a healthy integration as they replant their lives in Minnesota-USA.


Our Global Mission:

Our global mission and vision is to make sure it builds bridges between the Congolese and the American cultures. VWO works on providing education and empowerment to children and women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The goal is to create an alliance with the States of Minnesota and the territory of FIZI, in the DRC. We want to make sure that the love of God reaches to the nations by educating and empowering the less fortunate. We believe that it is through education that we can be able to eliminate poverty, create a new generation of leaders, community servant and a peaceful world.

Our Mission

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