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Due to the devastation caused by the war that started in 1996, many Congolese have lost their lives. According to the United Nations, more than 6 million Congolese have died and the world is silent.
People living in the East of the country are slaughtered by armed groups in order for them to extract the minerals, the inhabitants are considered a burden as they populate the exploitable areas. The locals are left with few choices: leave and abandon their homes; stay and have their wives and daughters raped; or die. Rape is used as a weapon, it is a horrific way to disrupt communities as women are the key pillars. They aim to humiliate the women and their communities, who can do nothing but watch. Many children are left orphans, women are left widows, and the government is broken and has no social projects to help the victims.
For this reasons, our organization is working with locals in some of the affected areas to help with education, vocational training, social economic services, selfcare and trauma informed services. We are making sure that we provided the services they need and advocate for their rights. We are also making sure that people in the USA become aware of the issues in the Congo and understand the needs of our people and what they have gone through before they get to the U.S. 
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