Voice in the Wilderness

 Dedicated to providing settlement services to Congolese Refugees in Minnesota
& building a better future for those in the DRC

Like many other refugees and immigrants before them, Congolese refugees settling in this country are no different. Settling into this new country can be challenging. Many balance learning a new language and new cultural systems with achieving career goals and supporting their families. They try to manage all these tasks regardless of the many traumatic events that they have gone through before they arrived to the United States.

Voice in the Wilderness Organization (VWO), is a nonprofit, humanitarian community based organization. VWO headquarters in Minnesota, U.S.A. We partner with other local organizations to provide settlement and integration services to Congolese refugees to help facilitate and enhance the quality of life of Congolese by providing the essential basic human services and achieve stability and move toward a healthy integration as they replant their lives in Minnesota.